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ADL Mag and Virtus Magazine: promoting fashion and education

ADL Mag - our online luxury blog

ADL Mag is a hub dedicated to Italian fashion and lifestyle, offering relevant information on fashion, trends, talent, design, culture, and events.

In addition, ADL Mag is the official window into the world of IJAPP, where the school of fashion’s courses, events, partnerships, and the experiences of those who have attended the school are recounted.

Businesses, brands, and special guests share success stories that make this platform even more valuable.

Virtus Magazine: Italy’s first fashion educational

Virtus Magazine is a real, independent, bi-annual, bilingual, hard-copy publication distributed and sold in Italy and abroad. It is published by IJAPP and is an outstanding example of how the school of fashion and design showcases and values the incredible talent of its staff and students.

This exciting publication narrates the vision of emerging talents as a creative community producing fresh, authentic, cutting-edge content relevant to the current scene.

Virtus is a Latin word meaning the disposition towards goodness; a person’s ability to excel in something.

Not a project, a real fashion magazine: Virtus is the first Fashion Educational of its kind in Italy to be produced by a fashion school.

The idea to launch the magazine came from two of IJAPP’s teachers, who cover key roles within the publication: Nicola Ievola, Editor in Chief, teacher of Fashion Journalism and Publishing, and Noemi Vanda Bruni, Creative Director, teacher of Fashion Styling & Coolhunting.

The magazine is a composite and multifaceted narrative that reflects, through a kaleidoscope of visions, a unique combination of art, journalism, and storytelling, combined with a focus on realism, social denunciation, and decadent eroticism.

Virtus is a believer in curiosity, knowledge, freedom of expression, fashion as an artistic language, the synergy and expressive power of creativity, the fluidity of seasons, and the hybridisation of genres.

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